Building #TrueCommunity

Living in true community is an extension of our PayTracer toolkit. We are actively involved in our community to help build true, authentic connections with others around us. Our team has a generous spirit of giving that we live out every day.


Human Connection

Connecting with others is who we are; it's a human thing. By working together, PayTrace creates over 1,000 hours of human connections throughout the Pacific Northwest and paves the way for hundreds more each year. We are all made for community, and PayTrace enables our team to make our communities stronger. It's what we do.


Our spirit of service isn't built, it's organic. Most team members are passionately serving in their communities before they even arrive at PayTrace. PayTracers are all unique with a diverse array of passions, which allows us to connect with our entire community. PayTrace merely encourages this awesome service.


Human connections and communities are also built with financial contributions. Each year, PayTrace provides each team member with $200, empowering them to gift it to non-profit organizations of their choice. This small gift multiplies into a lot of good throughout our region, with many hands making light work.

We've got SWAGGER in our step. It's more than just words on a page, or a shirt; we live, breathe, and wear our hearts on our sleeves. That extra bounce is fueled by giving back to organizations we love.

"In the military, everyone works together to get things done. And its the same way here at PayTrace."

Jackson, Systems Administrator

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"Training Congress about T1D is kind of like training PayTrace resellers."

Sam, Sales Trainer

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"PayTrace enables me to serve my country with flexible hours and a remote-first office culture."

Jackson, Systems Administrator

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"PayTrace gives me the opportunity and flexibility to save lives while contributing to a robust payment solution."

Laura, Product Manager

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"Serving at BizTown helped local students build strong personal values. The students of today are the PayTracers of tomorrow."

Eric J, National Sales Manager

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Eat. Sleep. Volunteer. Repeat.
These stories are just a few ways we build true community.


A note from our CEO, Scott Judkins

PayTrace exists to make merchants happy. I recognize that in order to make merchants happy, PayTracers must first be happy. We do that by finding meaning in what we do, gaining confidence by living our values, and building fulfilling relationships that lead to true community.

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