JULY 11, 2018

PayTracers lend a hand at BizTown

PayTrace founder and CEO Scott Judkins, like all PayTracers, lives out our core value of community focus on a regular basis. One recent service opportunity helped students in a Vancouver, Wash. elementary school gain some valuable career skills. Thank you, Scott and Eric, for giving time to our community!

By Scott J.

A few weeks ago, our National Sales Manager, Eric Jenks, joined me to volunteer with Sacajawea Elementary School, in Vancouver, Wash. Their fifth-grade class attends Junior Achievement BizTown every year, which combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to a simulated town.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the students create and submit resumes and applications. They participate in interviews and receive a job at one of the 16 "businesses" at BizTown which is complete with a town square. I think of it as Disneyland for the Chamber of Commerce.

Eric was a Volunteer Facilitator at Key Bank, and I was a Volunteer Facilitator at NW Sports. Each business has a CEO, CFO, and one or more employees. They interact with other businesses to complete objectives. The NW Sports team accepted a shipment of inventory from UPS, applied for a loan from Key Bank, priced and sold inventory, deposited sales receipts, paid invoices to other businesses, and almost paid off their loan. Each student receives two paychecks which they use to buy items from various businesses on their breaks.

Volunteers, like Eric and me, offered guidance and took time to help students reflect and process the experience. It was incredibly rewarding to help the students learn and grow. Many of the students received their very first paycheck at the event!

My lunch buddy was on the NW Sports team. It was a blast to see him price inventory, sell to other students, and record receipts. He used his paychecks to buy a bouncy ball and adopt a dog from Oregon Humane Society which he named Scooby-Doo.

Eric was kind enough to visit me at NW Sports, where we took this picture. Thank you, Eric, for making a difference in our community!