AUGUST 27, 2020

The basics of PayTrace EMV 2.0

AUGUST 27, 2020

The basics of PayTrace EMV 2.0

We're throwing out those complicated user manuals for our newest product - PayTrace EMV 2.0. Now it's easier than ever to add EMV to your merchants' integrated payment strategy and accept card-present transactions.

Plug-and-play setup

Getting started takes less time than reading this blog post. We timed it.

It's time to let merchants get back to what they do best. The foundation of our keyboard emulation EMV 2.0 solution is simplicity, allowing your merchants to focus their creative energies on their business.

Watch a demonstration of the setup on our YouTube channel.

Access integrations with our API

Our EMV 2.0 solution is pretty great on its own, but made even better with software integrations that make merchants happy. Whether you have accounts receivable software, mobile applications, accounting software, or more, our new product allows you to start processing EMV transactions and generate additional value when accepting commercial credit cards.

By adding new software platforms to their integrated payments strategy, merchants can customize this new EMV solution to fit their needs. With boundless options for integrations, PayTrace is the gateway for happy merchants.

A simple way to qualify for Level III

PayTrace has a near-perfect record of helping merchants qualify for Level III interchange rates. Backed by 5-star support and a sales network of nearly 400 partners, service is at our core. Making merchants happy isn't just a slogan - it's what we do.