PayTrace EMV 2.0

The best omni-channel solution for Level III transactions


Your secure, simple way to qualify for Level III

EMV 2.0 is our fast and easy card-present solution using a keyboard emulation reader. You can simply plug-in and go. Accepting chip cards is simple: Merchants just need a computer with an Internet connection. Yes, it’s that easy.

PayTrace EMV 2.0 runs the transaction immediately, allowing you to move on to the next activities in your workflow. It’s time to get back to what you do best. Connect with sales.

Reduce merchant security scope by using the PayTrace Virtual Terminal. We store customer data for merchants, reducing their liability on each transaction. Our tokenized payment acceptance is PCI-compliant, protecting cardholder data every step of the way.

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Reduced processing fees increases cash flow for B2B merchants

Transactions that qualify for Level III utilize interchange optimization, reducing processing fees for merchants accepting commercial credit cards. EMV 2.0 is the only payment solution available for Level III processing. We help merchants qualify for the best rates possible per transaction. This provides merchants with extra resources to build their business.

Let us guide you through interchange

Our EMV solution protects your data.
Plug in a few lines of code to access our secure-encrypted keyboard emulated EMV device.


Plug & play EMV

Use PayTrace’s semi-integrated EMV solution to add EMV functionality to your software.

PayTrace’s EMV 2.0 allows the host application to acquire card data from keyboard input to seamlessly acquire the secure-encrypted card information from the EMV device.

Add a layer of security to your card-present chip transactions and enable merchants to qualify for Level III interchange rates using PayTrace EMV 2.0.

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